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michigan durable power of attorney for health care form

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Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care ... This power of attorney has effect only if I become unable to ... This document is signed in the state of Michigan.
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Instructions and Help about durable power of attorney for health care michigan form
So the person who is going to have some medical treatment you know he there is different forms where he can give other people consent to make those kinds of decisions for him or for her like maybe if is you're incompetent or you know if you get injured in a car accident or a lot you know when I was in the military they made every military guy that was going to deploy overseas go down, and you have to have two things you had to have a will what you won or not, but he had anything or not you had to have a will, and you had to have insurance and sign who is going to get the proceeds of your military insurance, and usually they try to say you have to give your life usually it was back then it was mostly guys, but you have to give your spouse a power of attorney so he or she can act for you, you know when you're overseas and you can't pay your bills or if an emergency comes up, and she has to sell the car but has to buy a car you have to give her a power of attorney to do that sort of stuff so one of the key ways that you can give somebody else the authority to make medical decisions is to give them a power of attorney what's called a power of attorney, and you can be general where you giving to the permission to do everything including selling your house and selling your car and making loans in your name, or it can be specific just for an individual reason a lot of times you see this like if you like is you're in one place and your spouse is some other place, and you've got to buy a house and they want both signatures on it, but you can't get most signatures on it you can give a power of attorney to somebody to do that, or you know if you're overseas or something you can send a power of attorney back for the wife to sell the car if the cars in your name or something that's for a very, very specific purpose and you can have a healthcare power of attorney that gives a person just the specific decision-making authority to make the decision on health care issues okay what is the general problem with powers of attorney in general powers of attorney it gives the person the authority to make the same decision as you would make okay, so they can't do anything you wouldn't do that's right and the other thing is with a regular power of attorney if you become incompetent the power of attorney is null and void if you die the power of attorney sees that you don't have any attorney any more it ceases to be effective so that's a big problem with powers of attorney for healthcare issues, so the law came up most states have adopted a statute called a durable power of attorney, so you have durable powers of attorney usually there are only four family members so in a lot of states are called durable family power of attorneys where you're giving your husband or your wife or your sister your brother or your cousin or somebody the authority to make decisions on your behalf and what durable means that even if I go into a coma you know if I'm not competent or something...
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